Ridge Rooms

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Well, being youthful is an inside job. Think about what youth is. It’s kids, kids are enthusiastic, energetic, interested, optimistic, engaged, and curious. If you’re not all of those things, you can have no lines on your face and a 32 inch waist, and no one is going to call you youthful.
Rob Lowe, responding to the question “how is it that you do not age?” on his Reddit AMA.

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Just a head’s up …

I don’t do pencils for everything - I often just draw right into Illustrator so there aren’t sketches for everything, but here’s what will be available this time around:

TWILIGHT ZONE - main pencil sketch
SCOOBY DOO - two pencils (regular and glow view)
ZOMBIE HOUSEWIFE & BBQ CHEF - full pencil drawings, these offered as a pair
STEVE MARTIN - pencils (full illustration - whole piece was done in pencil first - very detailed)
THE MARX BROTHERS - pencil sketch
BOTTLE ROCKET - collection of sketches (this print was drawn in pieces)
NORTH BY NORTHWEST - collection of sketches (also drawn in pieces)
DICK TRACY - full pencil drawing
HONEY BADGER/SHIRT TALES - drawn in two pieces, although all on one page
JOSH GROBAN/PEANUTS - pencil sketch
EDWARD SCISSORHANDS - pencil sketch with alternate face
THE CABLE GUY - pencil collage on one page

The final images for all of the above should be in my Facebook photo albums here. The sketches will be posted around 4pm on Thursday. I do have a few more, but I’m saving to do another batch later in the year. I occasionally get inquiries about pencils, so I think from now on, twice a year I’ll post a big group up for sale at once.


UPDATE: this is pushed back a little so I can reshoot some of the photos. Will update with the new time.

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